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In a world characterized by increasingly complex intellectual property challenges, Bates White’s experts and professionals provide rigorous quantitative analysis in all types of intellectual property (IP) matters, including those related to patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks. Our team includes experts with backgrounds in economics, statistics, finance, accounting, and engineering who bring multidisciplinary perspectives and approaches to all of our projects.

Our experts have addressed IP issues in both litigation and non-litigation contexts in a broad range of industries, including agriculture, chemicals, computer hardware and software, digital electronics, financial services, medical devices, music and video licensing, pharmaceutical and biological drugs, semiconductors, and telecommunications.

We work closely with our clients to develop and present the most effective analyses. Whether in bet-the-company litigation or a case with limited scope and focus, we tailor our approach to our clients’ needs, always maintaining the highest standards of quality and clarity. We take pride in providing an unmatched client experience that delivers better project management, strong collaboration, and higher quality work product that withstands rigorous scrutiny.

For a full list of our intellectual property–related work, click here. For work related to specific areas of focus, see the drop-down list above.


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