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Bates White’s Finance Practice develops practical strategies and effective financial and economic solutions for law firms, financial institutions, corporations, and government agencies involved in high-stakes legal matters. We provide expert testimony, litigation support, and consulting services to tackle complicated issues ranging from securities, financial fraud, structured finance and derivatives to valuation, contract disputes, and consumer finance. Our fact-based, quantitative analysis involves a rigorous approach that stands up to close examination.

Our approach is characterized by close collaboration among experts, consultants, and clients. We support our experts with a strong team of consultants who add significant value to research, analysis, and the client experience. Working together with our clients, we emphasize frequent and transparent communications, ensuring that we gain a clear understanding of our clients’ business needs and find compelling solutions to help overcome complex economic and legal challenges.

For a full list of our finance-related work, click here. For work related to specific areas of focus, see the drop-down list above.



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