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Antitrust and financial markets

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The last decade has seen an increase in both the quantity and the financial stakes of litigation involving potential antitrust violations in financial markets. From the LIBOR litigations to interest rate swaps and foreign exchange, Bates White has been involved in investigations and litigation by regulators, class action lawsuits, and direct action plaintiff litigation. Our collaborative approach draws on experts and expertise from multiple disciplines, equipping our clients with comprehensive solutions to their regulatory and litigation needs and creating a truly customized and economically solid analysis.

Bates White provides independent, objective, and rigorous analysis both for consulting and for expert work. We help our clients at every stage of the litigation process. Our experts have assisted regulators in their investigations of potential misconduct and helped them shape their findings into complaints. We have also assisted class action and direct action plaintiffs in evaluating potential damages and assisted them from the pre-complaint stage all the way to litigation and settlement support.

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