Auction and market monitoring


Bates White’s experts have extensive expertise as independent evaluators and monitors of competitive procurements, RFPs, and RTO/ISO markets. We have unmatched experience helping Commissions across the country design robust supply portfolios and monitor procurements of all types, from descending clock multi-product auctions to timed reverse auctions to sealed-bid RFPs. Our experts have overseen the successful procurement of billions of dollars’ worth of energy, capacity, and environmental products in a wide variety of market environments, from traditionally regulated states to advanced wholesale markets.

Through this work, Bates White has developed a deep understanding of a wide range of generation technologies. We have experience in working with traditional coal and natural gas-fired generation, on- and offshore wind, solar PV, geothermal, biomass, Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle, and storage technologies. Our knowledge of the costs, risks, and benefits of these technologies helps us provide effective advice to decision makers regarding portfolio construction and procurement design.

Examples of our team’s experience include:

Independent consulting

  • Assisting the Board of Directors of the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) in the design, implementation, monitoring, and troubleshooting of their real time energy market and serving as the independent market monitor, producing several State of the Market Reports. We have also produced a comprehensive, independent analysis of SPP’s proposed “Integrated Marketplace,” reviewing SPP’s proposed day-ahead and real-time energy markets, co-optimized operating reserves procurement, reliability unit commitment process, virtual bidding rules, and financial transmission rights, and we continue to serve the SPP Board of Directors on strategic planning issues as an independent advisor.

Independent monitoring of electricity supply auctions

  • Serving as the Board Advisor for the annual New Jersey Basic Generation Service Auction since 2006. This descending clock multi-product auction procures electric supply for all ratepayers in the state who choose not to purchase from a competitive third-party supplier.
  • Serving State Commissions in Maryland, Pennsylvania, DC, Delaware, and Ohio for many years as independent monitors for dozens of procurements to acquire full requirements supply for non-shopping ratepayers.
  • Serving the Illinois Commerce Commission as the procurement monitor for multiple RFPs from the Illinois utilities to procure a variety of products, including energy, capacity, Renewable Energy Credits, and Distributed Generation RECs.

Renewable resources

  • Evaluating transactions from Pacific Gas & Electric for the California Public Utilities Commission. Engagements included the Renewable Auction Mechanism RFOs, which secured long-term contracts from renewable resources to meet state goals for renewable and community solar choice supply, and the Compressed Air Energy Storage RFO, which sought bids for a first of a kind storage project using a depleted natural gas reservoir as a storage medium.
  • Reviewing the design, bid evaluation, and contract negotiation for the Oregon Commission as Independent Evaluator for several unit-contingent all-source and renewable RFPs from PacifiCorp.

Wind power

  • Serving the Oklahoma Commission as Independent Monitors for RFPs for wind resources from Public Service Company of Oklahoma. The 2013 RFP acquired 600 MW worth of new cost-effective wind generation. 

Geothermal resources 

  • Serving the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission as the Independent Observer for Hawaii Electric Company’s RFP for new geothermal resources.