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Wind electric project due diligence

Led an independent due diligence analysis of the Interim Financial Model supporting the non-recourse financing of a 112-MW wind electric project in Oaxaca, México. The purpose of the analysis was to assess the integrity of the model’s performance in providing reported results for the financing plan as implicitly designated in the Model, and as generally described in the Preliminary Information Memorandum (PIM) for the Project. This was primarily a review of the model logic and calculations. The assessment looked at the model’s performance with respect to the following factors: total project costs and disbursement of equity and debt during the construction period; expected revenue during operations; expected costs during operations; debt service per the described loan and hedging arrangements; debt service coverage ratios; debt service reserve account; and, resulting net earnings and return on equity for the sponsor. With respect to the determination of project costs, revenues and operating costs, the model were checked for consistency with the Technical Consultant’s draft report prepared by a wind technology firm retained by the project sponsors.

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