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Angela Rockwell (Pazzaglia) specializes in statistical and data analysis, including sampling and extrapolation, causation and liability analysis, and damages estimation. She has provided consulting expertise related to statistical issues in litigation, arbitration, and investigation contexts focused on the healthcare and insurance industries. In particular, Dr. Rockwell has estimated liability and damages in several False Claims Act (FCA) cases involving major pharmaceutical companies and has assessed statistical claims and sample projections in matters related to reinsurance and false advertising. She also has experience analyzing pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursements using large transactional sales and claims databases.


PhD, Cognitive Psychology, University of Massachusetts Amherst

MS, Cognitive Psychology, University of Massachusetts Amherst

BA, Psychology, Elmira College (summa cum laude), Phi Beta Kappa

Selected Work

Selected Experience

  • Submitted an expert affidavit evaluating a proposed sampling protocol in an arbitration involving contractual disputes between a large healthcare provider and insurer.
  • Supported testifying expert to rebut two opposing experts’ damages methodologies in a reinsurance arbitration, including an assessment of the sample design and extrapolation methodology. Provided evidence that the sample was not representative of the universe of policies at issue and that the extrapolation model was statistically biased and incorrectly estimated the margin of error of the alleged damages.
  • Supported testifying expert to rebut proposed sampling methodology in a reinsurance arbitration on behalf of a large international insurance company. Provided consulting expertise regarding potential extrapolation methodologies and estimation of sample bias.
  • Supported testifying expert to provide liability, causation, and damages analysis for a major brand name pharmaceutical company in qui tam litigation involving potential False Claims Act and anti-kickback violations related to improper marketing tactics.  
  • Provided consulting expertise for a chain of healthcare providers facing a government investigation related to the alleged upcoding of claims submitted for Medicare reimbursement. Assessed the Department of Justice’s sampling and extrapolation methodology and evaluated liability and damages using transactional claims data. 
  • Provided consulting expertise on sampling and extrapolation methodologies for multiple matters involving alleged False Claims Act violations. Matters involved allegations relating to billing conduct of a large chain of healthcare providers.
  • Supported testifying expert in a series of related fraud cases. Quantitative analyses assessed (1) whether an advertisement aired by the defendant accurately presented statistics derived from surveys of physicians undertaken on behalf of the company; (2) whether those statistics could be projected to a population of primary care physicians in the United States; and (3) to what extent, if any, the airing of the advertisement affected sales of defendants’ products.

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