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Cory Capps, Joseph Farrell, and Donald Stockdale participate in 2016 ABA Antitrust Law Spring Meeting panels

Washington, DC
April 6–8, 2016
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Cory Capps will serve as a panelist in a session titled, "Healthcare Expansion: Good for Consumers?" The panel will explore how the Affordable Care Act is driving changes in cost reduction, health management, and provider networks, and discuss the implications for consumers and antitrust enforcement agencies.

Joseph Farrell will serve as a panelist in a session titled, "GUPPI-Based Harbor: Safe or Perilous?" The panel will discuss the effectiveness of  GUPPI as a tool for predicting competitive effects as compared to HHI.

Donald Stockdale will chair a panel titled, "Fundamentals - Economics," which will provide an introduction to concepts and techniques that appear repeatedly in the economic analysis of antitrust issues, including market definition, market power, competitive effects and econometrics.

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