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Matthew Long appears at IMN’s Distressed Debt Investing & Risk Management summit

Las Vegas, NV
September 17, 2008 – September 18, 2008

IMN: Distressed Debt Investing & Risk Management: Navigating the Post-Subprime World
Matthew M. Long: Consumer ABS in Distress

The subprime mortgage meltdown opened business opportunities that are evident in the proliferation of distressed asset funds. The conference focused on how to capitalize on these post-subprime opportunities—both by identifying promising distressed plays and by identifying a new risk management paradigm that will strengthen the market against future shocks.

“Consumer ABS in Distress,” the panel that Mr. Long appeared on, covered the current conditions of asset-backed securities such as auto loans, credit cards, and student loans. Panelists discussed how to determine and assess red flags and prepayment issues and how to price non-performing loans.

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