Photo of Arun  Sharma, MA

Selected Expertise

  • Healthcare
  • Life sciences
  • Antitrust
  • Pricing & reimbursements
  • Health plan issues
  • Commercial success

Selected Industries

  • Biotechnology
  • Energy
  • Health insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitals
  • Medical devices
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Physican groups

Arun Sharma, MA


Arun Sharma specializes in the healthcare and life sciences industries, where he has provided consulting services to both inside and outside counsel, industry clients, and government agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Mr. Sharma provides consulting and economic analyses on engagements involving healthcare mergers, healthcare market power analysis, health plan reimbursements, health plan network issues, provider pricing, pharmaceutical pricing, False Claims Act, class certification, patents, commercial success, market manipulation, unfair competition law, damages assessment, fraud, contract disputes, and other antitrust issues. Mr. Sharma has led large and complex litigation and consulting engagements, where he combines industry expertise with economic and statistical analyses to develop and answer relevant questions in such engagements.

Selected Experience

  • Supported expert testifying on monopoly power, monopsony power, and exclusionary conduct on behalf of a hospital system in its antitrust suit.
  • Submitted report on behalf of a large health plan in a Department of Labor investigation regarding the health plan’s reimbursement methodology.
  • Provided consulting advice on potential antitrust risks to several clients evaluating hospital mergers in Louisiana, California, Pennsylvania, and other states.
  • Provided consulting and expert support to the FTC regarding its evaluation of a proposed affiliation between providers in California. Analysis addressed issues of relevant antitrust markets, market power, and the effect on competition.
  • Provided consulting and expert support to a large health insurer in an arbitration matter involving contract dispute with a hospital system.
  • Provided consulting and expert support on commercial success analyses as part of the evaluation of the obviousness of pharmaceutical patent claims. 
  • In Federal Trade Commission v. St. Luke’s Health System, Ltd., lead project in support of the expert work of Professor David Dranove on behalf of the FTC and the State of Idaho. The agency, along with Idaho Attorney General and rival hospitals, challenged the acquisition of Saltzer Medical Group by St. Luke’s Health System. Provided economic analysis support on issues of market definition, competitive effects, and efficiencies. Judge B. Lynn Winmill, of the US District Court in the District of Idaho, ordered St. Luke’s to divest Saltzer Medical Group.
  • In In re WellPoint, Inc. Out-of-Network “UCR” Rates Litigation, provided consulting services to defense counsel. Also lead the team that supported the expert work of Dr. Eric Gaier on economic issues associated with class certification including ascertainability of the putative classes, identification and measurement of economic harm, and reliability of class-wide damages methodologies on behalf of defendant WellPoint in connection with alleged underpayment of out-of-network benefits associated with alleged violations of Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), California Unfair Competition Law (UCL), breach of warranty, and breach of implied covenant of good faith obligations. Judge Philip S. Gutierrez, of the US District Court in the Central District of California denied plaintiffs’ motion for class certification.
  • In Center City Periodontists, P.C. v. Dentsply International, Inc., provided consulting services to defense counsel. Also supported the expert work of Dr. Eric Gaier on ascertainability of the class and class-wide damages methodologies on behalf of Dentsply in connection with alleged breach of warranty claims associated with certain dental ultrasonic scaling devices. 
  • Provided consulting services for Amgen, Inc. in the patent infringement suit Teva v. Amgen. Amgen obtained a favorable settlement, blocking the introduction of the infringing drug in the United States until one month before the patents at issue would expire.
  • Provided consulting and settlement support services to Dey Pharmaceuticals regarding pharmaceutical claims and pricing in United States v. Dey, Inc. Also supported the expert work of Professor David Bradford. Developed economic analysis of pharmaceutical markets and reimbursements. Directed the analyses of Medicare and Medicaid data and reimbursement patterns.


MA, Economics, University of Maryland

BA, Economics, Denison University