Rate cases, reliability assessment, and electricity's value


Bates White’s experts have helped regulated companies and regulators in rate case proceedings. We have analyzed and testified on key regulatory fundamentals, including revenue requirement models, cost allocation models, cost of capital and rate of return, and depreciation.

Over the last two years, Bates White’s Energy Practice has pioneered research about the value of electricity and reliability. Our extensive research has addressed these issues from the perspective of residential and commercial customers.

Distribution of customer kWh usage

Customer kilowatt-hour usage varies broadly and is highly skewed. Our analyses explain trends in electricity sales as well as in customer bills.

Distribution of customer bills and rate case implications

Our rigorous analyses have explained trends that are critical in testimony during rate case proceedings.

Distribution of customer outages

Customer outages, particularly in their duration, vary broadly and are highly skewed. By using various quantitative metrics, our analyses explain trends in utilities’ outage performance (SAIFI, CAIDI, SAIDI).

Outage duration performance implications

We leverage our analyses of outage duration to model alternative approaches to outage performance improvement for utilities. We have also evaluated the impact of smart meters on outage statistics and performance.