Employment discrimination litigation and audits


Our experts have served as consulting and testifying experts in a wide range of employment discrimination cases and conducted numerous audits related to compensation and other employment practices. Our professionals work closely with clients to understand the details of their data, in terms of information that is recorded as well as information that is omitted. Our team then examines those data through the prism of modern labor economics and statistics and, in the case of audits, uses methods fully consistent with Office of Federal Contract Compliance Policy (OFCCP) guidelines. We give clients a clear view of where they may be exposed to compliance issues and vulnerable to litigation. In today’s complex litigation and regulatory environment, our rigorous approach leads to conclusions that stand up to close examination.

  • Served as lead consulting expert on behalf of an agency of the federal government in a case involving claims of racial discrimination. Analyzed racial disparities in promotions, disciplinary actions, awards and bonuses, performance evaluations, and grade-at-hire.
  • Served on behalf of the US Department of Labor in providing statistical analysis for discriminatory hiring cases and assessing damages.
  • Conducted audit of compensation practices for a Fortune 100 company. Assessed potential age-, race-, and gender-based compensation disparities and worked with corporate counsel to develop strategies to remediate adverse differentials. Developed analytic tools to help HR managers identify possible sources of pay disparities. Analyses in this audit were fully consistent with recently promulgated OFCCP guidelines.
  • Served as consulting expert in a class action lawsuit alleging racial discrimination at a large US conglomeration. Provided economic and statistical analysis of salary, salary increases, salary-at-hire, awards and bonuses, and performance ratings.
  • Served as consulting expert in case involving claims of gender discrimination in overtime opportunities and pay at a large manufacturing firm. Examined the role of preferences for overtime work and the patterns of redemption of unused vacation and sick leave by gender.
  • Served as consulting expert in class action matter involving claims of racial discrimination at a healthcare products manufacturer. Analyzed salary, salary increases, promotions, terminations, and performance ratings.