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Key Economic and Value Considerations in the US Market for Plasma Protein Therapies

Richard Manning, PhD, and Henry Grabowski, PhD
February 2018
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Plasma protein therapies (PPTs) are biologic medicines that provide critical health benefits. PPTs are distinct from traditional prescription drugs in in that they are derived from plasma obtained from human donors and manufactured into specialized therapies.

Given the large interests and issues at play in the US health care policy debate, it would be easy for the importance of this sector to be passed over and for policy solutions to be enacted that inadvertently impair the ability of the plasma products sector to meet the vital needs of current patients and to address needs that will arise in the future. Therefore, it is important that policymakers understand the unique contributions of and challenges facing this relatively small part of the health care system. Partner Richard Manning and his coauthor Henry Grabowski, PhD, from Duke, discuss these considerations in this paper.


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