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Richard Manning presents in webinar on innovation and collaboration in the life sciences sector 

September 23–24, 2020
4:00–5:15 pm

This joint Department of Justice–US Patent Office webinar “Promoting Innovation in the Life Science Sector and Supporting Pro-Competitive Collaboration: the Role of Intellectual Property” examines how patents and copyrights drive value in the life sciences sector and the effects of collaborations and partnerships. Panels focus on the antitrust implications of different cooperation and licensing strategies and include leading figures from government, academia, and research, and experts from the private sector.

Partner Richard Manning is a panelist in the September 24 session “Academics’ and Economists’ Views on Collaboration and Competition,” along with Rena Conti from Boston University, Scott Hemphill from New York University School of Law, William Kovacic from George Washington University Law School, and Joanna M. Shepherd from Emory Law School. Dr. Manning and co-panelists discuss collaboration versus competition and consider how reducing risk and uncertainty from regulation or enforcement impacts innovation. They also examine both the short-term and long-term risks to markets from collaboration that enable anticompetitive behavior.

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