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Bates White serves Illinois Commission as procurement monitor in RFP for standard energy blocks for three Illinois utilities

April 3, 2017
Public notice of standard energy products procurement

Vincent Musco, Katherine Gottshall, and Karen Morgan served the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) by monitoring a competitive bidding process to provide standard energy block products to three utilities: Ameren Illinois, Commonwealth Edison, and MidAmerican Energy Company. This sealed-bid procurement solicited service for utility customers who do not choose a competitive electricity supplier. Bates White monitored the entire bidding process, from bidder qualification to the signing of final contracts, and presented a report to the ICC analyzing the competitiveness of the process, prices received, and compliance with published bidding rules and Illinois law. Ultimately, they recommended acceptance of the results. The ICC accepted the results of the auction on April 7. For more information, see the above link to the press release .