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Bachelor’s and Master’s candidates


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There’s no better place to launch your career than Bates White. Not only will you work on interesting projects and hone your technical skills, you’ll get opportunities to give back to the community, develop lifelong friendships, and be mentored by leaders in the industry. And you’ll have a lot of fun!

Consultant (for candidates with bachelor’s degrees)

Assigned to a client team from day one, you’ll perform meaningful work that is both quantitative and qualitative in nature. You’ll review client documents, deposition transcripts, annual reports, and other public documents to build and strengthen economic arguments. You’ll analyze data from clients and other companies to identify key trends. You may draft sections of expert reports and client presentations, prepare a testifying expert for deposition, or develop and ask questions in a mock deposition. You are encouraged to offer ideas as well as develop new approaches and solutions.

Consultant career path

Consultant > Consultant II > Senior Consultant > Manager > Principal > Partner

Meet a Consultant

Catherine Sampson


BA, Economics, Business, and Sociology, Boston University 

At Bates White, I look forward to coming to work each morning. My colleagues make the experience enjoyable, even when the work is demanding.

The adjustment to a full-time job from college can be overwhelming, but the collegial environment at Bates White made the transition easy. As a former collegiate athlete, I value the culture of cooperation and collaboration that lays the foundation for my work. Every case I work on provides an opportunity to become a better consultant as well as form relationships with my coworkers.

Bates White accomplishes a balance of independence and collaboration with ease. Whether I am helping coordinate events with Bates White Community Connection or discussing a client request with a Project Manager, I am given the autonomy to complete the analysis, while having the support of my manager and coworkers.

Summer Consultant  (for rising college seniors)

Named the #1 summer internship for consulting firms by Vault, our program provides 10 weeks of extensive learning, collaborating, working on client cases, training, and socializing. In addition to taking on the same assignments and experience as a Consultant, you’ll enjoy events including a sailing trip, lunches and dinners with senior leadership, and organizing a community event. Most Summer Consultants return as full-time Consultants after graduation, so they come back with a job—and with friends.

Meet a former Summer Consultant

Josh Clothiaux


BS, Economics, Engineering Science & Mechanics, Penn State University

I returned to Bates White full time after my immersive experience as a Summer Consultant. Because many economists at Bates White have prior experience teaching in academia, there is a culture of continual learning and growth from which I benefited as a Summer Consultant and that I continue to leverage as a full-time Consultant.

The 10-week Summer Consultant Program built on my collegiate experience with in-depth training programs, hands-on experiences, and volunteer opportunities. It made it easy to seamlessly transition from college to the workplace. The Summer Consultant Program also enabled me to build relationships with peers and firm management. There were lots of ways for Summer Consultants to explore the Washington, DC area, including a sailing trip, a Nationals baseball game, and a barbecue. Bates White also sponsors interest groups for employees to pursue their passions outside of work. I joined the basketball group that played games weekly, and I rode with the cycling group before work in the morning. Both groups allowed me to build relationships with other Consultants, as well as firm management.

In addition, the firm provided support for the Summer Consultants to organize a fundraiser for Camp Kesem, a non-profit organization for children who had or have a parent with cancer. We developed the idea of “Balloon Wars,” in which employees donated $1 to secretly place a balloon in anyone’s office. When the firm’s Managing Partner, Charlie Mullin, was on vacation, the co-founder and Chairman of Bates White, Charley Bates, asked the Summer Consultants to fill Charlie Mullin’s office with balloons. We inflated hundreds, and Charlie Mullin returned from vacation to find his office overflowing. He responded by holding scheduled meetings in his office as planned, in the midst of hundreds of balloons. The Washington Post picked up on the story and ran a picture of Charlie, smiling, adrift in a sea of balloons. I can’t help but laugh when I see the photo. This experience epitomizes the firm’s culture and dedication to charitable endeavors, starting with the firm’s leaders and diffusing through the ranks.

In summary, the Summer Consultant Program functioned as a conduit between college and the workforce, while providing me with enrichment opportunities to develop both professionally and personally.

Econometric Consultant (for candidates with technical master’s degrees)

Working closely with our econometricians, you’ll apply your technical training to real-world business challenges. You’ll identify and analyze data, conduct research, and develop econometric models. You’ll contribute to all aspects of a project, from mining the data at the beginning of a case to preparing experts for depositions. Typical tasks include defining estimation and testing strategies, summarizing relevant literature, and presenting empirical findings. You’ll be relied upon to provide thought leadership and take initiative in empirical analysis.

Econometric Consultant career path

Econometric Consultant > Senior Econometric Consultant > Manager > Principal > Partner

Campus events and webinars

We host events at various schools each year as well as online webinars for students we are not able to meet on campus. For more information on our schedule, click here.

Interview process

Generally, you first complete an on-campus or phone interview and then spend a full day at Bates White. You’ll meet with employees across various levels and learn about the position, the firm, the culture, and your potential colleagues. In addition to several traditional interviews, you’ll have a case interview, in which you will demonstrate your analytical capabilities and creative thinking.


If you are having technical difficulties accessing the application portal, please contact us at
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