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Case Interview Tips

The purpose of case interviews is to gain insight into how you approach unfamiliar problems, your analytical capabilities, and your ability to think creatively. Our case interviews simulate (in 25-40 minutes) the types of questions we tackle in real client engagements. For an example case interview, click here. Previous case interviews have focused on:

Generally, our case interviews will take the following format:

1.  Brainstorming—The interviewers will present you with background information and ask you to brainstorm about the situation.

2.  Calculations—Once the background has been established, we typically provide some numbers and will ask you to estimate others as needed. With this information, a series of calculations are made. You should talk through your thought process and how you are setting up your calculations.

3.  Conceptual discussion—After you’ve performed the calculations we may ask you to further evaluate your solution and assumptions and how they fit into the broader concept of the case.

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