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The Consultant Experience

The Consultant role

The work

Consultants work on teams to develop rigorous economic or financial analyses and reports. They contribute to all aspects of a project, from inception to completion. The work of a Consultant is highly varied. One day, you may focus on more qualitative tasks such as conducting industry research, reviewing deposition testimony, drafting portions of an expert report, or helping create client presentations. The next, you may do more quantitative work such as processing large data sets, combining data from various sources, creating data visualizations, or developing economic models. In our collaborative environment, Consultants work closely with other Consultants, project managers, and Economists to produce high-quality work products for our clients.

The skills

Our Consultants are driven and intellectually curious, and they have an aptitude for numbers and analysis. As a Consultant, you will hone your data skills by learning to use tools such as Stata, R, Spark, and Python. You’ll also refine your writing skills as you draft memos and contribute to expert reports and other client deliverables. The Consultant experience is great for developing strong research, writing, and critical thinking skills, as well as gaining familiarity with the legal environment.


Professional development

We offer Consultants a variety of formal and informal professional development opportunities beginning on day one and continuing throughout their career at Bates White. A few of these opportunities include:

Consultant career path: Consultant > Consultant II > Senior Consultant > Manager > Principal > Partner

Learn more about our commitment to our employees’ career development here.

Meet a Consultant

Catherine_testimonialCatherine SampsonBA, Economics, Business, and Sociology, Boston University

At Bates White, I look forward to coming to work each morning. My colleagues make the experience enjoyable, even when the work is demanding. The adjustment to a full-time job from college can be overwhelming, but the collegial environment at Bates White made the transition easy. As a former collegiate athlete, I value the culture of cooperation and collaboration that lays the foundation for my work. Even as an entry-level Consultant, whether I was helping coordinate events with Bates White Community Connection or discussing a client request with a Project Manager, I was given the autonomy to complete the analysis, while having the support of my manager and coworkers. 

Karna testimonial

Karna Mital—BS, Economics, Duke University                                            

Bates White is a special place to work. I have received extensive mentorship, patient commitment, and opportunities from my managers and teams that have enabled me to advance professionally and thrive. This is no coincidence. Bates White lives by a “grow from within” model that gives employees at every level the opportunity to take on increasing responsibility and learn from experience in a supportive environment. Now I am excited to start mentoring others, paying forward what my colleagues have invested in me.

Join us!

Interested in joining our team as a Consultant? Applications are open now—apply today! Learn more about our application process, recruiting events, and deadlines here.

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