Bates White provides opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills you developed while earning your PhD to solve real-world analytical challenges in a consulting environment. Our economists have expertise in a wide range of disciplines including industrial organization, econometrics, microeconomics, applied economic theory, labor, mathematics, and others.

As an Economist, you’ll be assigned to a client team right from day one. You’ll perform a variety of tasks with your peers and senior management in small, dynamic teams on high-profile engagements. You’ll develop work plans that break down large problems into manageable tasks, suggest additional/complementary projects, and anticipate and rebut counter arguments. You’ll interact with clients and/or experts, supervise junior staff, and coordinate projects.

How does a career at Bates White compare to government or academia?

Bates White shares many similarities with academic organizations. For example, economists develop and apply economic models and interact with a broad network of academic experts at leading institutions. In fact, our senior staff includes current professors (e.g., Douglas Bernheim, Joseph Farrell, Robert Marshall, Leslie Marx, and Michael Whinston) and former senior economists from the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. Additionally, our economists have opportunities for ongoing learning and professional development through annual conferences, internal training programs, academic seminars, and external conference participation.

As a Bates White economist, you'll focus on solving critical challenges facing today’s companies and organizations. You will help draft expert reports to support litigation and develop ways to apply economic theory and research to solve specific client challenges. And, you'll gain general business skills such as managing and mentoring teams, leading projects, and interacting with clients.

Economist career path

Economist > Senior Economist > Manager > Principal > Partner