As a Consultant, you’ll be assigned to a client team from day one. You’ll work with your peers and senior management in dynamic teams on a variety of high-profile engagements. You’ll be surrounded by smart, talented colleagues who rely on you and on whom you can rely—so you’re never alone. They’ll be there to teach you, provide guidance for problem solving, and help you think through challenging issues. As a Consultant, you will:

Conduct data analysis

  • Construct analytic databases for statistical, economic, and financial models by identifying, combining, and standardizing information from multiple sources. 

  • Work with clients and experts to determine data reliability and consistency as well as resolve issues and ambiguities. 

Review and synthesize information 

  • Review public and private documents and conduct in-depth research to understand industries, markets, companies, and products. 
  • Synthesize and communicate qualitative and quantitative findings for team members, expert economists, and clients.

Solve problems

  • Identify key issues in the case and develop plans to answer specific economic, financial, or legal questions.
  • Work with the case team to determine and execute solutions to analytic problems such as forecasting future liabilities, determining market scope, and calculating damages.

Consultant career path

Consultant > Consultant II > Senior Consultant > Manager > Principal > Partner