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International Network

From Australia to Hong Kong, Mali to Chile, and everywhere in between, Bates White’s colleagues possess a rich array of experiences, cultures, and traditions from across the globe. And when they join the firm, the International Network helps them feel at home right from day one. The Network provides resources, opportunities to connect with colleagues, ways to share their traditions, and support to navigate the immigration process.

The firm provides a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment

The warm welcome I received when I joined the firm was beyond my expectations. There were so many opportunities to meet people and form relationships even while working remotely.

Chuhang Yin Geissler, Senior Economist


From visa assistance to finding international grocery stores, the firm provides a wide range of support and resources

The amazing support the firm provided to help my family settle in the DC area and address immigration issues exceeded my expectations.

Mashfiqur Khan, Senior Economist

Cultural diversity is valued, embraced, and celebrated

Within a month of joining the firm, I was invited to share my cultural background at a firmwide event. 

Amit Bubna, Principal


I love learning about all the customs, cuisines, cultures, and celebrations from our international colleagues.

Kathryn Luker, Manager


Employees feel comfortable raising concerns and ideas with senior leadership

I have never worked in a place where leadership is so responsive. Access to senior leadership to raise concerns is effortless. A great example was the creation of the International Network which went from conception to reality in just a few weeks.

Christian Salas, Senior Economist

International colleagues bring perspectives that help us address challenging questions

When working through complex questions, the diversity of ideas and experiences brought by our international colleagues helps us provide creative and thoughtful solutions.

David DeRamus, Partner



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