International Arbitration


Bates White’s experts work with law firms, companies, and governments to support international arbitration in multiple venues. We support contract renegotiations prior to international arbitration; assess damages prior to filing for arbitration; formulate concession termination strategies; provide support in investment disputes between governments and companies; and provide expert and consulting support in arbitrations between private parties. Our experts have worked on more than 100 cases in over 25 countries to address issues related to market restructuring, regulatory design and reform, due diligence, regulatory support and strategy, and dispute resolution.

Over the past two decades, our experts have been involved in many regulated market restructurings and in a number of privatizations on behalf of both buyers and sellers. In addition, our experts have taught graduate international business courses in negotiation analysis for many years. By leveraging this experience, we can provide you with important insights into the core economic and financial issues underlying arbitration cases so you can resolve these matters efficiently and effectively.