Mary Huang

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Mary Huang
Senior Consultant

The people at Bates White have a penchant for mentoring.

I majored in chemistry in college but didn’t want to work in a lab or become a doctor. While considering other career options, I was drawn to the prospect of intellectually challenging and varied work in consulting, but I was nervous about how my background in science would translate. When I came onboard as a summer consultant, I was pleasantly surprised to meet others at Bates White with noneconomic backgrounds ranging from neuroscience to public policy. From day one, Bates White provided me with a solid foundation. I received training in Excel, Stata programming, business writing, and the litigation context of economic consulting. But more than anything, I was supported by my colleagues. The people at Bates White have a penchant for mentoring others, which is evident in everyone’s willingness to help, open office doors, and impromptu econometrics lessons scribbled on a conference whiteboard.

I often think of my work at Bates White as science research minus the lab time. The same analytic and research skills I developed as a chemistry major translated well to the world of supporting expert testimonials. Not only have I strengthened my ability to develop and construct arguments, I have honed my professional and leadership skills. As an active participant in community outreach initiatives and recruiting, I learn just as much from valuating insurance receivables as from mentoring underprivileged students in the community and developing the next generation of consultants as a leader of the Summer Consultant Program.


AB, Chemistry, Princeton University