Kathleen T. Chandler, MA

Photo of Kathleen T. Chandler, MA
Kathleen T. Chandler, MA

Bates White has provided me with excellent opportunities to develop skills that will benefit me throughout my career.

Working at Bates White for more than three years, I have had the opportunity to develop a variety of skills and expertise. Through client engagements, I have learned how to process and analyze complex data sets using a variety of software tools, probe discovery documents for key pieces of information, and explain complicated analyses and significant conclusions in client presentations and expert reports. I have learned not only how to execute analyses and summarize information, but how to independently recognize relevant economic issues and identify creative ways to use the data at hand to illustrate these points. I am constantly challenged to hone these skills and to teach them to less experienced Consultants, which further reinforces my own understanding. 

In addition to the experience I’ve gained through casework, I have also acquired valuable skills through internal firm-building activities. I have led the Excel training course for new employees, participated in undergraduate recruiting events and interviews, and served as a Peer Coach and Sponsor to Summer Consultants. These additional opportunities have allowed me to directly invest in the future of the firm, and they have complemented and improved the skills I’ve developed through client engagements. For example, teaching the Excel training course has not only reinforced my own knowledge of the program, but it has helped me learn how to clearly explain difficult techniques, a skill that will help me with future presentations to clients and senior partners.

I value working at a firm like Bates White that consciously provides me with opportunities to learn and grow professionally, both within and outside of my day-to-day responsibilities.


MA, Applied Economics, Johns Hopkins University

BA, Economics and Spanish, University of Virginia